Sunday, March 29, 2009


The Jim Jones Hip Hop Monologues was actually a good play. I went to see it last night for the final performance in the 37 Arts theater with my main B. The show was brought back by popular demand. When the show first came out a lot of people were against it, what can Scruff McGruff offer, besides raunchy rap. A concert in a play form of his new album. A straight-forward autobiography if you ever saw one. It was raw, comedic and entertaining to see he has more to offer than just some raunchy lyrics.

While garnering international status Jones comes back to Harlem World where he visits people from his past. A preacher, his sons mother, a younger Jim, a detective, and some frenemies.

I like that fact that he used his own artist who are also from Harlem. A young woman named Star and a young man Osh'y both from Harlem's own Manhattan Avenue.

After seeing this play I have a new found respect for Jim and i may even go out and buy the album.


*BTW* His mother JUJU is a Harlem version of Frankie(yes Keyshia Coles mother). As we were walking in she was saying," after this shit we in the strip club, Holla At me".

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