Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Isis a.k.a. Miss New Pussy

ANTM's cycle 11 transgender person, Isis King made her second appearance on the Tyra Banks Show yesterday but this time post-op. This was Tyra's gift to her so, Tyra literally paid for the pussy. Tyra also treated Isis to a swimsuit photo shoot. I have to be honest I was staring so hard at her new puss just to see if it looked abnormal or something.

Not only did home girl get a new monkey, she has a cute man and he proposed. Mmhhh, it's something about new THANGS being praised over old THANGS. I've had a puss for many many years but a bitch ain't even have a valentine's:_(
I may have my puss medically turned into a penis them switched back to a puss. We'll see how many proposals a girl gets after that.
Seriously, I want to send a shout out to Isis, I am happy for her. I can just see ol' girl sashaying around her living room blasting Plies' "Ms. Pretty Pussy".

Candy Girls!

Recap: Terricka girl was breaking on her mother. "Why don't you go get a man so he can take care of me you and Jordan." I see this bitch don't back down from nobody, not even her mammy. We'll see the next time that mammy of hers tells her to go get a man to take care of her.

Personally I think Terricka is that hood bitch. She can probably whip Danielles ass and still have a job after, Danielle might even let her own the company.

Danielle managed to also piss T off, just when i thought she had enough of getting barked on. Danielle made sure she didn't pick the phone up but sure as hell was popping shit while Brooke was on the phone. Brooke is a down ass B.

Any who I can not wait till next week to see that deadbeat ass Tyson Beckford visit his son probably the first time he ever saw the Lil boy.

*BTW* Danielle got so much money she needs to buy a part for that weave/wig/birds nest.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wow, Ur Momdukes is Something Like A Thug

Damn, I wasn't the perfect child and I mos def got my share of ass wipings but, I wonder did I irk my moms to the point where she wanted to call the popo.

What was the worst punishment you ever received from your parents?

*Thanks TreanBean for the link ;)


The Jim Jones Hip Hop Monologues was actually a good play. I went to see it last night for the final performance in the 37 Arts theater with my main B. The show was brought back by popular demand. When the show first came out a lot of people were against it, what can Scruff McGruff offer, besides raunchy rap. A concert in a play form of his new album. A straight-forward autobiography if you ever saw one. It was raw, comedic and entertaining to see he has more to offer than just some raunchy lyrics.

While garnering international status Jones comes back to Harlem World where he visits people from his past. A preacher, his sons mother, a younger Jim, a detective, and some frenemies.

I like that fact that he used his own artist who are also from Harlem. A young woman named Star and a young man Osh'y both from Harlem's own Manhattan Avenue.

After seeing this play I have a new found respect for Jim and i may even go out and buy the album.


*BTW* His mother JUJU is a Harlem version of Frankie(yes Keyshia Coles mother). As we were walking in she was saying," after this shit we in the strip club, Holla At me".

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh So You're Doing Ur Bilingual Rap Thang Now???

When I first hear about this song called "Damela" by southern rapper Baby Boy the Prince I was interested to hear how he'd sound rapping in spanish.
Damn was I fooled.
Oh, and Cassidy is on this joint too (shyt I don't know why either).

So, how many different ways did you learn to use the "word" damela?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Phat BABY!

One of my favs spotted having lunch with her spear throwing man. I just love, love, love Kimmiko. She does look bad though not the best looking thing while shes preggers.

*BTW* I don't know but theres something about that triple fat goose neck that I just love.

Here's an old picture of young Kimmiko and Tyra(i just want to punch her in the face sometimes)

ohh and it sure looks like someone got their nose done.

"I Got The Goods" by Lady Sovereign

Remember Lady Sovereign? I believe she was signed to Def Jam. But anyways, here's a cool song by her called "I Got The Goods".

What did you think?

Shoe Game Proper

Step into your weekend with these YSL bad boys. I don't even no the price, I guess they are just that damn expensive.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shot by Stupid Cupid

Some dumb ass is at it again, but this time he/ she is shooting mofos with arrows. What the fuck is going on in the world, like seriously.
So, now we have to watch out for muggers, gangs, debt collectors, women whose boyfriends you're fooling around with, and fucking arrows?!

I'm too through. I refuse to write anymore about this.
You can click the link to read the full story.

And What's Your Reason?

See maybe I'm one of the minority who thought C. Beezy knocked some sense into her. I guess not!

I bet she wish that shit was real when Chris was chewing on her arm like a piece of bubble yum.

So Now It's a Crime for a Man to get his ___ sucked?!

Well, if he's in Michigan and he uses a vacuum instead of a mouth then his ass is going to jail.
Jason Leroy Savage was arrested at a local car wash and given 90 days for indecent exposure last month.
There are so many questions to be raised, but I just want to know how much time did the vacuum get?

This Is the One

J pop sensation Utada recently released her 2nd North American album, "This is the One". Working with powerhouse producers such as Tricky and Stargate, there are many hits on this album. Below is the super sexy song called "Dirty Desire".

What do you think of this song?
To learn more about Utada visit utada.com

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My favorite B never sleeps.
Beyonce and her nephew Julez on set for a new Nintendo DS. They are also promoting the new game called Rhythm Heaven.

*BTW* Lil Julez looks like one of the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz.

Then and Now

This is our new component to the site Then and Now.

Check this out, its Tia and Tamera they went from being two corny dorks on Sister Sister (yeah i watched the show) but they looking like some sexy thangs now.

Tamera used to be the funny looking one but like fine wine, she got better with time.
Tia looking real fly with that bob. Make me feel like I need to get one.
Both girls look fab just check out the transition.

College Hill Miami Biotches

College Hill Miami is in full effect and got my attention from the start.

**Before we get started I'm wondering why Terri isn't in this picture and there is no cast bio for her, just a question**

Of course this is a show you can always depend on for some good freaky shit and homo drama. When Kyle and Milan first met each other there was drama from the gate. Because he knew what brand of shoes she was wearing she immediately asked if he was gay. Is Stevie Wonder blind? duhh. So, of course Kyle went off on her after she tried to blast his ass on the yacht by asking who was gay or who wasn't. This b!@ch has big balls. He sure served that b!@ch and it was funny. "Is that your hair? Is that shirt from Payless?" LMFAO. I think she deserved it.

Terri thought she had a man in Brandon. She's a beast and with those lips, ughh, she looks like she can suck the breakfast out of a dick! Brandon was with it only for the night. FYI: Terri you cant be madly infatuated and in love with someone she met a day ago.

I can't wait for next weeks episode!

These Roommates Need to be Evicted!

A new show called "Roommates" featuring Tamera Mowry (from Sister Sister fame) premiered on the ABC Family Channel Monday night at 9pm. I only watched it because she was on there.
This shyt was a bore and the laugh factor from the audience just made the show more annoying. You know, when someone tells a joke that's not at all funny and you really don't get it but there's that one person who's bent over laughing? yeah well that kind of annoying.
Maybe Tamera can sub for Tia on The Game from time to time or hit up Roger and Jackee' to find out what they've been up to since Sister, Sister. Shyt, I don't know, but this show isn't a good look. Sorry

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Make You Wanna Smack Yo' Mammy!

D. Beckham has always been super fine and this pic just helps to prove it even more.
I can do without that soft annoying voice of his though. Sorry

Who You Calling A Bitch??!!

I just have to vent real quick. (Work wit' me.) Me and my main bitch (lol) were walking to the sea food spot and this guy crossed in front of us while coming out of the store. So, I turned my shoulder away from him to avoid contact, but we bumped each other anyway. Well, you would have thought I smacked homeboy in the mouthpiece cuz he shouted out "Oh you gon' bump me...you...you dirty bitch".
Whoa, was that necessary?!
And of course his crew of lames laughed their asses off.

*Anyway this song is dedicated to his b!tch ass*

*I wanted to take it back and post Queen Latifah's "U-N-I-T-Y" song but I couldn't get the link. But Pretty Money gets the point across well enough ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Love Sex Magic

New Ciara Ft Justin Timberlake

I'm Diesel

Well not literally but whatever. These are some Diesel Brand items that I'll be ordering.

Do you like?

Lil Puff

I love to see this little cutie anywhere. This is the daughter of Sean John, Puff, P.Diddy and his booty call Sarah Chapman. She was out and about in her tutu (always has it on, such a fashionista!) with her mom at a birthday party for T.I's kids.

Pic courtesy of theybf.com


Well well well. Tonights HH episode it supposed to air Christian and Brooke out, kissing on the lips, after he told Ashely he was single. Look what we have here a pic of the two love birds who are allegedly dating. I guess maybe I could be a little excited to see how this plays out on tv knowing these two are already and item.

Candy Girls!

RECAP: This week Brooke tried to play her man Drew but got played in the end after she went on a date with Red Cafe, a Rapper/Producer/Song Writer (in your best birded out Brooke voice). Drew dumped her. Ima need Danielle to make Brooke start wearing a bra cuz her titties always hanging, just cause shes a video hoe don't mean she can get away with it. And those damn nipples...ugggh

Blanca and those damn fangs got drunk to blow a kiss, because she didn't know how to do it without the alcohol. Shes a funny b!tch. I'm just so mad at Danielle for not getting those damn fangs pulled.

No good news with our good hood rat Terrika or our favorite man on the show Olivia.

And the Old Bitches Still Get It In!

I had to watch this clip like three times 'cause it just doesn't make any sense. Ladies fighting over a man is extra wack, but when you multiply the assumed age of the people in the love triangle by four, it'll make you fukin sick.
Peep the Clip

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh, Well if They Ain't Taking it Seriously Why Should We!!!!

Father Fucker?!

Gross "human being" Josef Fritzl, 73, was sentenced to life in a psych-ward on Thursday for having an incest relationship with his daughter, locking her in a dungeon for 24 years, fathering her seven kids, and allowing one to die in captivity as a newborn.

This mofo is beyond crazy. Where was the mother?

And you thought you had it bad, when you accidentally saw your pop's johnson when he came out of the bathroom.

Step into Spring with these Sexy Thangs!

These C. Ronson elektra zip front platform sandals ($188) are worth every cent.

"What It Is" by Sophia Fresh

What it is?
A new female pop trio signed to Nappy Boy/ Atlantic Records. They are really colorful and super trendy and obviously have an endorsement deal with Pastry's.
Their new video also features the members of Day 26.

What it AIN'T?
A video that I'll be checking for. The set is cheesy and amateur-ish. I think they could have found some flyer dudes than Day 26. Shyt, they should have used Danity Kane instead.
Peep the video and let me know what you think.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Regulations on the Pubs? Ouch!

New Jersey's Cosmetology and Hairstyling Board has considered banning the brazilian bikini wax due to the hospitalization of two women who had infections subsequent to the procedure.

I'm a little indecisive about whether this law should be passed. On the one hand, thanks law makers for being concerned about our health. But on the other hand, bald eagle or a 70s 'fro, we should have the right to choose!

What do yall think, should the law makers keep their business out of your business?

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Game

Hopefully my favorite show in the world is coming on tonight. I have no life tonight so ill be there to catch it.

Wow, I'm in Love

Words aren't necessary, just enjoy the view. (Alexander McQueen $1,119)

Twerk Sumthin'!!!!!!!


What are yall plans for the weekend? Well, for those of you who plan to drop down and get your eagle on at the club this weekend. Below are some sure fire dance moves to get you that attention and recognition you've been craving all week long.

And you're welcome

Who Wants to Taste Justin T.'s Liquid?

Mmmmm,no. And my friends know how I feel about the Dub-B'z (aka White boys).

J.T. is one of the latest celebs to scoop a liquour endorsement. The tequila called 901 will be released this May.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Fashion Oxymoron?!

When and where do you rock this shit? And in what type of weather? I'm not for certain, but the shirt is hot.

Maybe I can rock them with my mink booty shorts. What do you think?

Kanye's New BooThang Keepin it Funky

Amber Rose was on the satellite radio station "Lip Service". Ol' girl let us get all in that ass...literally.
Peep the clip

What do you think of her overt honesty?

Reverse Anorexic? Huh!

Whether or not we've personally suffered or know someone who has suffered from anorexia, we all have heard the term before. But on Tyra's show, this was the first time that I've ever heard of a 'reverse anorexic'. A reverse anorexic is what Tyra's guest used to describe her eating disorder, instead of obsessing over being skinny and not wanting to eat, this woman is already around 600lbs. yet desires to be 1,000.

Don't worry you're not alone, this is the dumdest shit I've ever heard too.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Me and My Boots

I know spring is upon us, but I had to show ya'll these Dsquared2 boots ($699.99). Yeah they are a little pricey but they are so fly.

And, hey if some of you people can get away with wearing uggs in the summer maybe I'll rock these on the hottest day in July.

Smack ya Mammy!

Boris Kodjo

**The picture is not that serious but I still had to wipe my seat off with a towel.

Boring Heights

Goodness this show is drier than a virgin puss. Ashley went on a double date with the bald guy and her good friend. These lame hoes sat there the entire time and talked about Brooke. They should have left them dumb broads with the bill and skated on them to go chill with Brooke.

I dont have anything else to say about this show until its gets canceled.

Candy Girls!

This bum b!@ch Blanca tried to get fly out her mouth with Terricka. I think the only reason T ain't pop her ass in the mouth like she was her daughter, was because they were at the video shoot. Brooke got the lead in Mims video, which is crazy, I saw the video when it premiered and didn't notice any of these girls.

This week is go in on Blanca week. They showed an old clip when Blanca and Danielle first met and Dani got skraight up hood and let her know that she wasn't a known girl for videos. Rather a known hoe that was found coming out/trying to get in Lil Wayne's hotel room.

No I don't know who you are! Now if they ask me how many Blancas I know that are hoes then I would know you...LMFAO

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pregnant Never Looked So Fly!!!!!!!!!

Mizz Thang ain't let her baby bump stop her from showing face at Damon Peruzzi's birthday. I know chicks who wouldn't even bend over to tie their own shoe while preggerz. I could image Kelis still dropping it like it's hot baby and all.

Kick it with Ye'

I saw a preview of The Air Yeezy's by Kanye West for Nike about a year ago. At first I was super hyped but after seeing these new colors I think I'm going to pass on these kicks.
What do you think of them?

Rihanna's The New Whitney Houston?

Well according to the Daily News, Rhi Rhi may be reprising the role of Whitney Houston's character in the 90's classic "The Bodyguard". Hopefully those are the only shoes of Whitney's that Rihanna will be attempting to walk-in.

Oh, and sexy ass actor/ former model Channing Tatum (Step Up, G.I. Joe, Coach Carter) has been named as a contender to play Kevin Costner's role.

Sunday's Roast

I don't know how many of you caught last night's roast of comedian Larry the Cable Guy on Comedy Central. Sorry but a roast on him was not enough for me to want to tune in but when I found out that my main white bitch (in my mind) Lisa Lampanelli was the roast master I was super hyped.
On the panel of roasters were a few people I've never heard of but they were all hilarious. Warren Sapp, former football player and Dancing With the Stars contestant, was amongst the panelist and although his material was funny his comedic timing and tendency to laugh the loudest at his own jokes made his bit the least enjoyable.
Peep the clip

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Now That's A Bad Bitch.

She looks bad (bad meaning good). Even Peta couldn't hate on that sweater.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Last House

Guess what? The Last House on the Left was the BEST. It was one of the best scary movies I saw in a long time. Im scared of scary movies, but this was a great different. They had alot of nudity, a crazy azz rape scene that I would have never imagined they would show. There was non-stop action and no room for a dull moment. It was great im glad we stopped at The Last House on the Left.
By the way you did a bang up job on my brother hahahahahahahahahaha

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday The 13th!

Hey ppl. TGIF, right? I want to help you get your weekend started off right. May be some of you are just looking forward to relaxing, hitting the clubs or getting some PaYow.
What is Payow you ask, check the clip snippet


The picture of Oprah I wanted to post is currently unavialable. Todays Oprah was about domestic violence and dumb ass Tyra was on there sounding all stupid and looking all stupid. She was verbally abused; doesnt compare to CB having Rhi in the headlock while he punched her in the face using his knees to steer the car.

But anyway, more importantly Oprah's hair looked FLYYYYY GIRLLLLLLLLLLL. She had a nice wash and set and it had a nice flow to it. Im still trying to find a pic of her. Dont worry im on my job!!

Making the Band

Getting Robbed by Diddy aka Making The Band aired tonight.

Recap: Gay azz Que was snapping his neck, throat clicking, and all other things that young ladies do when they are about to fight. Will was paying him no mind while Que is in the background talking about he's not scared because Will is 27. This show is sooo sad. Diddy made a dumb move by taking Aubrey and D. Woods off the show, they were pure comedy, meant for tv.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It Was All Good Just A Week Ago

Dammit! Me and my friends were just talking about how fly Megan Good is.
Alright, we all know homegirl ain't a prolific thespian (other than Eve's Bayou her acting resume ain't been shyt to talk about). Anyways, now I hear she's doing music. But why? For what? And guess who's behind it? The Dream, he finna help turn her career into a freakin nightmare.

DON'T DO IT MEGAN!!!!!!!!!!

Static Major's death caused by hospital?

According to Baller Status, an ill placed catheter that caused excessive bleeding or punctured his lung may have lead to the death of Static Major.

Best known for being one-third of the music group Playa, Static was only 33 years old when he passed away in February 2008. He leaves behind a wife and four children.

GOD bless him and his family.

Coming up in the "Who Cares News"....

So Beyonce's lil sis' (her name escapes me...um what's her name...wateva) tour bus crashed in Texas on Tuesday on 'Hadley Street' (just kidding). Her "different-ness" was not scratch in the accident but more importantly a poor deer was sacrificed in the malay.

One deer down, one deer survived. Hold ya' head Sol-Angel.

Love Songs

Well Well Well it has been confirmed that CB and Rhi Rhi recorded a song together after he beat that azz. Palow Da Don is the alleged producer of the track that's the reason for the two lovers vacationing at Diddys house in Miami.

I didnt want to post a picture im sooooooooooooo over the whole situation but its a slow news day.

Game On

Hey class, don't forget to tune in to The Game tomorrow. Check your local listings for airtimes.
Be prepared to discuss in class Saturday

Just Get On Your Knees, Ty Ty Baby. Damn!

If Robin Givens irks me then Lord knows Tyra Banks would make a bitch caught a case. On many occasions, I've found myself ready to knock my 17" inch of the dresser because of her doofy azz ways.

Pharrell Williams, with his fine self, appeared on The Tyra Show and of course the audience went nuts but Tyra made ME uncomfortable the way that she telepathically gave him a B.J. Yeah I ain't know that was possible either.

Blog At Your Own Risk

This gorgeous and warm-hearted model, who shall remain nameless, has it out for some bloggers in particular. These bloggers let's say 'went in' on this innocent human being.
She surely doesn't have to worry about any of that type of slander from Urban Kitty Kats ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Amber Show is having technical difficulties

Last night's episode of the Bad Girls CLub was off the wall. Cookie aka Amber M. got her shit kicked in. They were tired of her mouth and those damn gummy bears. So while in mexico they decided to change the name of the show to La Lucha Libre and layed the SMACK down on her ass.
Whitney from boston got sent home for kicking her in the stomach and Aliea got called out and sent home for gloating about those soccer kicks that would make David Beckham jealous.