Monday, August 31, 2009

New Movie: Kerry Washington Goes Shopping...

....For a new puss??? Just in this new movie called "Life Is Hot In CrackTown" where Ms. Washington plays a transgender person. She is a stellar actress and I love her video cameos (i.e. Common and Maxwell) but something about her mouth, teeth and voice just makes me want to punch myself. She sounds like she has a lollipop dick in the side of her mouth and that curve in her teeth gives me motion sickness.

Whoa, sorry. I'm getting all off track. Peep the footage to learn a little more about the movie and please pay extra close attention to her mouth piece. You've been forewarned!

Serving Up A lot of Curry Fever

And when we thought ladies born with twats were too much to handle, peep Ms. Leiomy Mizrahi. Bitch still has her puss on lay-a-way but that has not stopped her from being a real diva deluxe...a fierce one at times but a diva nonetheless.
With her group Vogue Revolution, they incorporated the week's challenge of Bollywood on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.

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Ya Girls a Jump Off

I'm still in disbelief at this news. Picture Perfect NewNew, she has no clue as to who the father is, is pictured above with one of the said daddy's. Push Montana runs with Mainos camp and its been said that they had an off and on friends with benefits type thing so off to Maury we go.

*BTW* I cant believe this hoe admitted to being a jump off. I know we all get down like that from time to time but damn girl wheres your self respect.

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Weekend Wrap Up

Everytime I see Diamond she looks less like a hood rat - Tee thats ya girl lol

Check the background out Norwood Young is Mike Jacks alter ego..LMFAO

All weekend long these celebs partied and celebrated in honor of the King of Pop, The Honey Magazine Party, Terri Vaughns Bday Party, Q Tips MJ Bday party and Megan Good at her mans party.

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Who's the babies daddy???

It was reported yesterday that child star MaCaulay Culkin (Home Alone) is the father of Blanket, Michael Jackson's youngest son. Culkin and Jackson were good friends at during his life, he is also the godfather of Jackson's two older children. Culkin knew that his good friend wanted to have kids but wouldn't want to have sexo so he donated his sperm to an unknown mother.

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Trying 2 Get That Oprah!!!

Oprah Winfrey uses the Black Eyed Peas "I Got A Feeling" as the new theme song for her show.

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New Video: Drake ft Trey Songz ''Successful"

This song is the motto to my life.
I just wanna be/
I just wanna be successful

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C Beezy On Larry King

I mos def will be watching this one. And you?

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Run DMC and the late Jam Master Jay were honored over the weekend when 205th St. and Hollis Ave. in Queens was renamed Run DMC JMJ Way, Which makes them the first rap group in history with a street named after them.
Peep the unveiling clip

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WTF: Crying Blood????

Hopped off the bus like bitch waddup lol ya' girl's back. Anywho, although jet lagged (wateva) I couldn't pass up posting this story. Ol' boy named Calvino Inman(15 years-old) from Tennessee has bleeding eyes. Uuucccckkkkssss!!!!

He says it happens at least three times a day, and can last from a few minutes to up to an hour. “Sometimes, I can feel it coming up, like a tear. I feel my eyes watering,” he says. “Sometimes, it will burn as it comes out.” His mother, Tammy Mynatt says she's desperate to find treatment for her son.

Well, Calvin we ladies have been dealing with the blood flow out of bizarre areas since the begin of time. So, I suggest you tie a couple pads around your eyes and pop a Midol and DEAL WITH IT!!!!

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Captain Save a Hoe

Hovi's Home and his new album is due out this month. Check the interview out with Bill Maher. Its a goof interview, kinda funny too. Click on the link after the video for part 2.

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New Video

Mary J ft Drake - The one
Video is cool.

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Throw Back

Trina - Whos Bad...This was my favorite song in middle school. Go figure.

Dont want it tonight - Lil Kim

*BTW* What the hell was my mother teaching me. LOL

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Fall 09

Love this Cadet Leather Jacket from Coach..$798

*BTW* I know somebody has a hook up and can get me a gift card for half price. ;-)

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New Music

Beyonce - Ice Cream

Do it again (Good Love) - MJB ft T.I
I love songs like this from Mary, makes me want to put an ovesized jersey on and do the running man.

Love it. Tank - Lost in You

Ginuwine ft Brandy - Bridge to Love

Venus vs Mars - Jay Z. Beat is sick.

Jay z ft Drake - Off that

I want this forever rmx - Drake ft everybody. I like the original better

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Saturday, August 29, 2009


DJ AM, 36, who was formally linked to Nicole Richie, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment Friday morning. Adam Goldstein was in a plane crash about a year ago with Travis Barker and was opening up about his addiction to drugs in an attempt to help other addicts. Police investigators found a crack pipe and some prescription pills around the house, cause of death is still under investigation.
Goldstein started freebasing cocaine when he was 20 years old, his other addictions include Ecstasy, Crack and food. He stated in an interview earlier this year that he had been drug free for years.

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The weekend bought a lot of surprises. For one C Millian is looking very pregnant it shows all in her little cute fatty face. Two, her man Terius Hagert Youngdell Nash aka The Dream is the new Vice President of Island Def Jam. I must say he is a very talented artist, i don't think he can really blow like that but his artistry of everything else is great.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Behind the Music

VH1 is bringing back one of my favorite shows Behind the Music. That's one of the best ways to really get to know your favorite artist. Thursday September 10th will be Lil Waynes turn to face the music. He'll open up about all of his babys mama's mama's and his addiction to syzurp and his choice of drug. We'll also learn about his childhood and poverty stricken life before he came up.

*BTW* Other Artist include Pink - Sept 17th, Bobby Brown - Sept 24t, T.I - Oct 8th, and 50 Cent - Oct 13.

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I had to give this to ya'll b4 I hit the road.
All you need to know is yes, that's Frankie (Keyshia Cole's mammy) and ol' boy who is a stylist/hair stylist (wateva the fuk) home boy is super gooze but that aint stop him from dry fukin Frankie.
I cannot take, hunnay.
** I had the exact same expression on my face when I saw the pic as Neffi (in the background) does.
Thanks C&D

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N.E.R.D To Add O.N.E

According to the Daily News N.E.R.D is set to add a little feminine touch their group. "Her name is Rhea... She's the new member of N.E.R.D.!! & she dope!!" Star Trak label rapper Lam-Fay wrote on Twitter.

Rhea has yet to confirm her membership but this should be good. Many are already comparing this addition to Fergie Ferg's presence in the Black Eye Peas. Shyt if it worked for them...Got my attention. How about yours?

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Beyonce Is Making It Xtra Hard 4 These Bitches 2 Eat.

Kelly hasn't had very much luck in the U.S but overseas they love her. Her single "When Love Takes Over" Feat. David Guetta has been a smash hit over there.

“Here, sometimes it’s like my music didn’t quite work, but overseas it’s on top of everybody’s chart. I’ve had more international success than domestic success, and I think that opens my eyes up to music. I mean, I just got back from performing in Lebanon.... Lebanon!.”
She hopes to release a album in the states late 2009 or early 2010.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Juelz Is A Killer????

Well, not exactly but TMZ reported that he threatened to kill some woman. At first she was reported to be his wife, But the unknown woman called 911 after the rapper threatened to kill her in front of a child (reportedly not his). He was arrested this morning at his New Jersey home and at this time remains in police custody and his bail is 300.00???? Why the hell is he still locked up if his bail is only 300 dollars?

According to his rep, "He has problems with the people in his complex, they hate on him because he is a rapper with big cars."

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New Music

The freakin beat on this joint is sexy. Yes, Mario We can be "More Than Friends".

It's something about Birdman that's ssssooo corny to me but luckily the beat and Mr. Ross Da Boss saved this song. You'll be poppin sumthin after hearing this shyt too. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Key Come Get Ya Mother

Yes I cant wait till 10:30 tonight. These two hot ghetto crackhead messes are backkkkkkk. I know it is going to be pure comedy. Me and Mich were in the car Sunday listening to a commercial on the radio. Frankie, of course, had to ad lib while Neffe was crying about her mother, Frankie says "oh please somebody give her an Oscar" Lmao. You just had to be there. Tune in tonight on BET and let me know what you think!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Dats What Friends R 4!!!

Two Purdue University students were arrested over the weekend when a prank they were playing on a friend ended up killing him, said police in West Lafayette, Ind.

Landon Siela, 21, of Fort Wayne, Ind., died from a gunshot wound Saturday while visiting Purdue juniors Cory Lynch and William Calderon, both 22, the Indianapolis Star reported. Lynch and Calderon pointed handguns at Siela when he came out of the bathroom, police said. Both men thought the guns were unloaded, but a bullet fired from Lynch's gun and hit Siela in the neck, they said.

"They said they wanted to scare him when he came out of the bathroom," Police Sgt. Jason Philhower told the Star. The men had been drinking alcohol, he said.

Lynch was charged with reckless homicide and felony pointing a firearm. Calderon was charged with misdemeanor pointing a firearm and false informing.

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New Video: J Money "First Name, Last Night"

Just another south nigga that sounds like the other fools from that town. Ay wat's yo' name?

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U Can Do Anything U Put Ur Ass 2

I posted a Twerk Team video as one of the first entries on UKK. These young bitches have been doing this shyt for a long time. It's no longer for fun, they better be getting paid.

I read somewhere that a few of them are in college. I wonder what their majors are lol.

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Bad Bitch

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Denyce Lawton was born in Seoul, South Korea, she grew up in DC and she was Irv Gottis assistant. Denyce was in Jahiems "anything" video and lately in Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Do your thing shawty.

*BTW* I know yall see we lowered our standards, as some might like to say, but we go for hood joints and unknowns. Halle and Beyonce is a given to be a bad bitch but a regular bad bitch is what we try to show.