Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boo'd Up

Word on Howard Campus is that these two were boo;d up all weekend at Howard Homecoming last weekend. They were spotted at EVERY event together, including sleep time. Good look if true.

Boyfriend #2 and Bria Murphy,..YUP..Eddies daughter, were caught kicking it in ATL over the weekend. Looking all cozy and familiar with each other. I guess she gotta do what she gotta do to help pay baby Angels child support.

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Semi - Smack Ya Mammy

I know I'm going to have haters on this pick but.....Kid Cudi was at the GQ Gentleman's Ball which is only right because he happens to be one of GQ's men of the year. He is extra sexy in this picture. Looks like he just hit a blunt and now hes going to tear that _____ up!

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Teyana Taylor Facts - According to her

*Teyana is an 18 year old virgin who wears a purity ring (everybody wants to be the Jonas Brothers)
*She has a crush on Chris Paul (don't we all)
*Launching a Lip Gloss line in 2010. (these are her promo pics)
*Teaches Bible class at St. Lukes Church in Harlem (im sorry i just cant get with this one)
*Songwriter for Brandy, Usher, Timbaland, Omarion and Blackstreet
*Choreographer (she did teach Beyonce the Ring The Alarm dance)
*Owns her own publishing company "I Am McLovin Publishing Co"
*Model for Zac Posen and Diesel in Miami Fashion Week 2009

This was to set the record straight for bloggers who ask What does she do? Why is she a celebrity?

Who Cares?

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Concrete Jungles

Live from the world Series A. Keys and Jay-Z.

Snippet of NY State of Mind video. So Tuff!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ladies Night

The real hood bitches of ATL were out to celebrate Toyas bday last night in the Velvet Room. Toya is actually the only person that looked halfway decent.

I could not leave out our daily dose of Mr. Hardy. He gave her a pink 22 for her bday. My kind of man. Her baby's father on the other hand got her a silver Ashton Martin. Less is more in this case!

*BTW* Her hair actually looks cute

Raven Simone was out for some Tinkerbell event the other night looking slim as ever. I think she got super duper spanx on.

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Lip Service

Joe Budden and Tahiry get crazy on lip service

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BET came up with this genius idea to have a freestyle battle called the Cypher. I loved it. This was actually the best part of the show. Pure dopeness!

*BTW* Did you see BET owner Debra Lee, she looked so uninterested in this hood shit. lmao

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New Video

Chris Brown, Swizz Beats, Lil Wayne - I Can Transform Ya
New album Graffiti out December 15
I'm loving this video.

H-Town ft Jodeci - Knockin Your Heels Off.
I so hate them. Its so old school and I'm with anything old school but this shit. They all need rehab. This would have been hot in 88'

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Monday, October 26, 2009


I don't even have a Wii but I'm stoked for the new DJ Hero for game consoles, it really comes with two turn tables and a mic. I need this game. DJ Scratch Academy here I come!

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Techno-Fab: HTC Touch

HTC has come out with the a brand new phone that features android. Its has a million and one apps like the iphone only HTC manufactures it. Many people don't know that HTC is the third largest smart phone maker in North America. The phone is designed to fit you the buyer. Personalize it, change the face plates, and add your own pizazz with any app for free. It also runs on the 4G network which happens to be the fastest running network and only phone on the network.
How you doin!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

James Hardy

Yes hes so nice had to bring him back twice. He tweeted that he loves her and she must be Heaven Sent because hes been through so much hes lucky to have her. Ohhhhhhhh I Love Him! He looks like he might choke a bitch!

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Swagga Jackin'

Eva Simons the original singer for the song "Silly Boy", recorded later by Rih Rih and Lady Gaga, is feeling like shes been jacked. Eva is from the Netherlands and shes been on the internet talking about how Rihs biting her style and from the looks of it I can see the similarities between them. I hope it aint so because Rih is one of my favorite fashionistas.

*BTW* I heard that Eva said when she see Rih shes gonna shank that bitch!

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Bad Bitch Alert

Bria Murphy 19, YESS Eddie and Nicole Murphys oldest child is a model and video chic. She was cast as Gucci Manes boo in the video for Spotlight, shot in ATL, we posted the song last week which features Usher. She is a beautiful young lady, taking after her mother. Ladies watch out because these young girls got the game on lock. I must say I am a fan of Bria.

*BTW* Usher and Tamika Fosters Divorce is final!

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We love the Kids

Baby Romelo 1, and Rocko 4, boy of Monica, taking promo pics for their moms show. Still Standing air on BET Oct 27 @10pm

The first family took some cute portraits over the weekend also. I wonder if this will be their Christmas card.

King 5, and Major 1, the boys of Tiny and TI took some candids driving, chilling and shopping with mom. The boys are also bff's with Monica's kids.

Hello Kitty celebrated her 35th birthday in Culver City, California Thursday night. Kimora had my two favorite girls with her too. Cuties! Kimora was also looking fab. Lover her!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Joints

Gucci mane ft Usher - Spotlight

Say Something - Drake

Thinking to Myself - Lil Wayne, Nicky Minaj, Guda Guda, Mack Maine

Can I Be Your Man - Bow Wow ft Lil Wayne

Gucci Maine, Drake, Sean Garrett - In My Business

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Oh Baby

Monica "Danger she smashed the homies" Leon gave birth to her first child, baby girl Mayara Oct 18th

Why is the little girl so freakin cute? Laurence Fishburne and wife Gina Torres 2yr old baby Delilah.

Jennifer Hudson and husband David Otanga showed off two month old baby David in the new OK! Magazine out this Wednesday.

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Jet Setter Swag

So this is how we fly around the world? To all my ladies who thought a good capri sweatsuit would suffice, YOU THOUGHT WRONG! I cant wait to see how many dumb asses fly around like this.

Take Note: Shes a million/billionaire she flies around in jets and controls her own heat so please don't try this on your next Jet Blue, AirTran, CheapTickets flight.

Thank You for flying with Delta and Enjoy your stay!

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As-Salamu Alaykum

I was watching Wendy Williams this morning and she notified me-my friend in my head, that The Soul Train awards are back and will air Nov 29th on The Centric Network=Vh1 Soul+ BETJ. They are supposed to be standing the whole night, its going to be a soul train line, Soul Train Awards. WTF! As if we didn't get enough of Don Cornelius long wended ass on The Bet Awards. Ill be watching because I know these two host and the originator will be pure comedy for the soul.

Is she your favorite actress yet?? I been up on her since Jody my Jody (Baby Boy) You know I have the voice to do it!

*BTW* What is wrong with this picture? Since when is he Muslim? I'm also a little excited, don't front you know you used to be up on Saturday nights watching the Soul Train Awards.

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Lip Service

Nicky Minaj on Lip Service. I love this radio show really explicit content. Nicky is funny I only posted Part2 but a little piece of Part1

LMAO. Which one are you?

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