Tuesday, October 20, 2009

As-Salamu Alaykum

I was watching Wendy Williams this morning and she notified me-my friend in my head, that The Soul Train awards are back and will air Nov 29th on The Centric Network=Vh1 Soul+ BETJ. They are supposed to be standing the whole night, its going to be a soul train line, Soul Train Awards. WTF! As if we didn't get enough of Don Cornelius long wended ass on The Bet Awards. Ill be watching because I know these two host and the originator will be pure comedy for the soul.

Is she your favorite actress yet?? I been up on her since Jody my Jody (Baby Boy) You know I have the voice to do it!

*BTW* What is wrong with this picture? Since when is he Muslim? I'm also a little excited, don't front you know you used to be up on Saturday nights watching the Soul Train Awards.

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