Thursday, October 29, 2009

Teyana Taylor Facts - According to her

*Teyana is an 18 year old virgin who wears a purity ring (everybody wants to be the Jonas Brothers)
*She has a crush on Chris Paul (don't we all)
*Launching a Lip Gloss line in 2010. (these are her promo pics)
*Teaches Bible class at St. Lukes Church in Harlem (im sorry i just cant get with this one)
*Songwriter for Brandy, Usher, Timbaland, Omarion and Blackstreet
*Choreographer (she did teach Beyonce the Ring The Alarm dance)
*Owns her own publishing company "I Am McLovin Publishing Co"
*Model for Zac Posen and Diesel in Miami Fashion Week 2009

This was to set the record straight for bloggers who ask What does she do? Why is she a celebrity?

Who Cares?

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