Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Once, Twice, Three times the Charmer

Another chapter in the Rhi Rhi and C Beezy saga. According to Rhi Rhi this was not the first rather the third time that Chris has layed the smackdown on that azz. Once she slapped him and he in return tried to make her a permanent fixture of the nearest wall, and the second time was in her hometown of Barbados where he broke the window of a range rover.
Personally I'd pay to see both these young thugs on pay-per-view. We thought the rappers were bad these f--in singers are out of line!

This is a youtube clip of Oprah, a white chick, a spanish hombre, and her two best GIRLfriends ("Dr." Gail and Madea) giving their sermons on domestic disputes.

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