Sunday, May 10, 2009

Next Day Air

The movie Next Day Air, directed by famed music video director Benny Boom, was more than I accepted. IT WAS HILARIOUS! This movie falls in the realms of The Friday Trilogy. I knew it would be good but now I definitely can't wait until the DVD comes out, it's a must for my movie collection. Everyone from the known celebs (Mos Def, Wood Harris, Mike Epps, Debbie Allen) to the lesser known (Omari Hardwick,Yazmin Deliz) held their own during the movie. Mike Epps also shocked me with his ability to display a more serious side (at certian points in the movie.)And no, it wasn't perfect: there was a scene at the end where one of the Mexican drug dealers was killed and I am still unsure who did it. Then another scene where the storage company employee had a gun drawn on him yet his reaction would have been more believable if a water gun had been pulled out on him instead.

But peep the clip then go see the movie.
Next Day Air Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers

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