Friday, June 19, 2009

Always Sum (USDA) BEEF When Jeezy's Around

I like to refrain from posting about rappers and some of the igg-nant shyt that happens with them but it involves my soul mate (in my fukin mind) DJ Drama.

According to reports, at approximately 2:30 am a fight broke out between T.I. affiliate DJ Drama, and Jeezy's crew, not long after Jeremih took the stage. The scuffle resulted in one person, believed to be Jeezy's bodyguard, getting stabbed in the face several times while two others were stabbed in the arms. The victims were later transported to Grady Memorial Hospital.

The violence is believed to have stemmed from a November 30 altercation between Jeezy's CTE (Corporate Thug Entertainment) crew and members of DJ Drama's crew.

If you trace the lines of anyone that Jeezy has beef with you'll realize that the person has some sort of association with Gucci Mane. I mean damn ni99a just cuz you don't fuk with him doesn't mean no one else can DAMN!

article by Latifah Muhammad

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