Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So Papa Joe is at it again, as if him down playing his sons death wasn't enough, hes after the kids now. Joe Jackson tried his hand at the custody battle of Michael's heirs. Joe Jackson has said "Blanket loves to dance and i see something real special in Paris." Its been said that Papa Joe was looking to start a new group out of the children called the Jackson 3. Katherine nor surrogate mother Debbie Rowe was allowing that ish to go down.

On the flip side of things the other pimp Debbie is requesting $4 million dollars for Katherine to have full custody of the kids. This would be the third time that shes sold her kids. The first was after Paris was born she sold them to MJ for $8 million with a $900,000 annual payment. Years later, after all of those molestation charges, shes asked for $4 million and a $900,000 home. This lady is some kind of hustler. Either way she doesn't want her kids with Papa, but for $4 million he can get a sweet meal out the deal.

BTW: Joe and Debbie should pro create. Creep Bastards!

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