Friday, July 17, 2009

(Sorta) New Music

Mya ft. Ginuwine "It's Real"
I really like this song but I'm over Mya's low singing azz voice. Ginuwine sings circles around her. I think Fantasia would have been a better fit for this tune.

Young Dro- I Don't Know Ya'll" I don't know ya'll / I dont fuk wit yall" That's how I be feeling hehehe

This shyt is mean. Ppl sleep on Dro too much.

Jacki-o ft BG "Streets". I first heard this in '05 down in South Beach. This songs goes out 2 u. U no who u R. LMAO

My nigga got 3 baby mommas/ fo' kids/ one on the way
This shyt is so ignorant but you gotta love it!
I'm going to post this song on my profile.

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