Monday, August 17, 2009

Clubbin Ain't Easy

Partying hardy at BB Kings for my main bitch's 25th B day was a bigger task than a party head like me would have thought.
First off, DJ(NO) Clue was there chopping and screwing up good ass songs.
He must have dead ass played 25 songs in 60 seconds.
Then there were a couple chicks in the club with big duffle bags. Bitch I do not care if that is a gucci or fendi that shyt is wild big.

The front door should have double charged them to walk in the club with an overnight bag. BITCH BYE!
And lastly, but mostly upsetting niggas with skanky breath. It's not fair to the hoes that have to converse with them dudes in a hot ass club while their spitting do-do chips.
I blame the bartenders who insist on selling these funky mouf fuks liquor which only makes the smell more vicious.

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