Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dis Goes Out 2 All My Real Hoes*

We all know at least one nut bucket skeeza HOE and if you don't know one then you probably are that bitch!
I had to jack this post (thanks Fresh and KidFury). Lord knows there are plenty of you dirty draws hoe-ing around out chere. Peep the clip if you need further clarification of your hoe-ish ways.

Here's a couple more I'd like to add:
You are a hoe if:
1-You get it popping with strangers in a club bathroom. Nasty Hoe
2-You think people are jealous of you cuz you sleep around. Crazy Hoe
3- If your boy/girlfriend already has a boy/girlfriend. Triflin Hoe

Got anymore to add????
*Diamond formerly of Crime Mob

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  1. i no 2 out of 3 of those type hoes lol